Jacob and Margaretha Bredehoeft

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Who Started All This? 

Jacob Bredehoeft was born January 2, 1839, in Haassel, near Selsingen, District of Bremervoerde, Hanover, Germany.
He died May 18, 1919, in Flora Community, Missouri.

Margaretha Adelheid Wienberg was born April 1, 1857, in Minstedt, Hanover, Germany.  She died December 31, 1943, in Lafayette County (near Alma), Missouri.

Jacob and Margaretha were married October 12, 1875, in Emma, Missouri,
and became the parents of:
Curt Heinrich, February 16, 1877 - May 6, 1879
Heinrich Curt Claus Louis, December 5, 1878 - October 15, 1944
Edward Heinrich Friedrich Johann, October 4, 1880 - September 7, 1881
George Christof Carl Johann, June 8, 1882 - 1959
Helene Margaretha Dorothea Elise (known as Lena Margaret most of her life), January 30, 1884 - February 18, 1942
Leo Johann Wilhelm Martin, October 5, 1886 - 1954
Adolph Heinrich, March 10, 1889 - November 13, 1967
Paul Johann Wilhelm Friedrich, January 11, 1891 - July 2, 1978
Theodore Cord Johann, February 16, 1893 - July 23, 1973
Hulda Clara Sophia, March 15, 1895 - 1958
Alvin Claus Heinrich, January 20, 1897 - December 2, 1957
Eleonora Louise Margaretha (Nora), February 16, 1899 - April 5, 1974
Harry Heinrich Friedrich Christoph, August 8, 1901 - January 16, 1974
Ralph Martin Otto, August 13, 1904 - December 6, 1979

Jacob arrived in New Orleans on the sailing ship Carl, October 22, 1866. 

This picture of the Carl is copyrighted by Peter-Michael Pawlik, Von der Weser in die Welt, Die Geschichte der Segelschiffe von Weser und Lesum und ihrer Bauwerften 1770 bis 1893, Bremerhaven und Hamburg 1993, and is used with Dr. Pawlik's permission.  More information about the Carl may be found at http://www.geocities.com/mppraetorius/.  Interesting information about what the immigrants endured during their voyages may be found at http://www.members.aol.com/hrftx/immigration.htm

Margaretha arrived in New York aboard the Steamship Goethe on September 15, 1874. 


Angela is the daughter of Elwood (Woody) Bredehoeft, granddaughter of Lambert, great-granddaughter of Paul, and great-great-granddaughter of Jacob and Margaretha.  Angela and her husband, Gregory, live in Germany.  Here's her story:

I went to visit the Bredehöft Familie in Fehrenbruch near Selsingen once more. They were the ones, who helped me shoot the DVD in Germany two summers ago.  During my last visit, Alieda, Margaretha Bredehöft and I drove through Haaßel searching the Bredehöft home. They had asked around about a house before I came, but because no Bredehöfts live in Haaßel anymore and because most of the people, who might have known where the house was (or used to be), are no longer living, we couldn't find out where it was.  Then, as sometimes news spreads in small villages, one woman mentioned to another elderly woman that we had been looking for the Bredehöft house. The older woman not only knew where the house was but had a picture of it, which she gave to Alieda, and Alieda gave to me!  It was taken in winter, but no one knows when. The house is on the left and the barn on the right. In front of the house are a few chickens and a shed of some kind.  The best guess is that this is the house where Jacob was born.

The handwriting on the back reads:  Das Häuslingshaus 1.b  Es stand am Twistenbosteler Weg zwischen der großen Eiche und der großen Buche; um 1963 abgerißen!  (The translation of that is:  The connected farm building 1b It stood at Twistenbosteler Weg (Way) between the big oak and the big beech trees; torn down in 1963!)

Apparently the house grew too old to repair, the neighbor told us. The costs and effort to repair it would have been too much, so it was demolished instead.

Angela made another trip to where the house once stood and sent these pictures of the site as it is today:


Twistenbosteler Weg (Way)

The old apple tree


Jane Oerding, the Family Historian, has done a remarkable job of gathering and recording history of Jacob and Margaretha Bredehoeft and their many descendants.  The extended family is so large and the members are so widely-scattered that the only way to keep this information current and up-to-date is by continual input from ALL the members.  Your help is needed!  As you learn of any family changes (births [includes adoptions], deaths, marriages, divorces) or find incorrect data on these pages, please complete the following form and press the "submit" button.  I'll update the web site if appropriate and forward the information to Jane to update her records.
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Cord and Adelheid (Lange) Bredehoeft.  Cord (also called Kurt) was Jacob's half-brother, the child of Johann and Maria (Schlesselman) Bredehoeft.  Johann married Maria after his first wife, Gesche, died when Jacob was 5 years old.

Christoph and Dorothea (also called Dora) Bredehoeft.  Christoph was Jacob's brother.


Find your father, grandfather, great-grandfather, or great-great grandfather in this photo which was probably taken in the early- to mid-20s.  (Hint:  We believe the men are aligned by age with the youngest on the left.)  Apparently the ladies of the family were busy cooking coffee! BredBros.jpg (93365 bytes)Click on the photo for a larger size.


GrGmWienberg.jpg (67795 bytes) You may click on the photo for larger size. Great-Grandma Wienberg (and you add the correct number of  "greats" in front of that, depending on your position in the lineage), mother of Margaretha.  Photo was probably taken in the late 1800s or early 1900s.


In this picture, Margaretha Bredehoeft and all  of her children except George posed at the farm near Alma where they lived.  George may have been living in Iowa at the time.  The photo was probably taken about the time of Jacob Bredehoeft's death (1919).  

GmaBKids.jpg (111929 bytes)

Click on the picture to see full-size.


"Best guess" on identification is (left to right):  Nora, Lena, Ralph, Paul, Hulda, Ted, Harry, Alvin, Grandma, Leo, Adolph, and Louis.  What would these people have ever thought if someone had told them their picture could be viewed by millions of people all over the world????
This photo of George Bredehöft is dated May, 1955, on the side, and we believe it was taken in Waterloo, Iowa, where he lived.  Can anyone identify the buildings in the background?  Are they still standing?  If so, please e-mail the information to me GeoBred1955.jpg (51614 bytes)
Click on the picture to see full-size.

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