Jacob and Margaretha Bredehoeft

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God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

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Please mail or e-mail some pictures of your portion of the Jacob and Margaretha Bredehoeft Family to the Webservant for inclusion on this page.  The e-mail address is JoyceK210@sbcglobal.net; the "snail mail" address is Joyce L. Kuhl, 5414 17th Street, Lubbock TX 79416-5508.


You may enlarge this picture by clicking on it.  Members of Leonard's family gather each summer at a resort in Northern Iowa.  In loving memory of Bernadine Bredehoeft who they lovingly refer to as "Aunt B", many family members donned aprons, hats, umbrellas, etc., which had belonged to Bernadine.  On the front row, far left, you'll even find one family member wearing a PE suit that had been hers!  What a great remembrance of a very special lady!


These cousins visited at Elberta's 80th birthday party.  From left to right, they are Lavona Dittmer, Ruth Deatherage, Jane Schroer, Betty Bredehoeft, and Ruby Dean Frerking.
Cousins of the next generation at Elberta's birthday party were Greg Lorenz, Doug Lorenz, Sharon Dittmer, Rodney Lorenz, and Diane Chrisman.
These cousins posed after Leonard Bredehoeft's funeral on June 15, 2006.  From left to right:  Ruth and Harvey Bredehoeft, Normadine Bredehoeft, Joyce Kuhl, and Bernadine Bredehoeft.



The clock in the photo above is the one that Jacob gave to Margaretha for a wedding present October 12, 1875.  It had been in Harry and Dora's (my parents) home after Margaretha's death.  When Dora moved out of her home to the quadriplexes at Good Shepherd in Concordia, it was sold at public auction to George and Lavona Dittmer (Lavona is the daughter of Nora).  In 2003, I purchased it from George and Lavona, and it now graces my living room. 

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Mildred1985.jpg (33828 bytes)

Mildred (Steinkuehler) Lee is the oldest living descendant of Jacob and Margaretha.  The photo at left was taken in 1985; the photo at right was taken in October, 2000.  At almost 90 years young, she's a delightful, beautiful lady!

MildredLee102700.jpg (47615 bytes)

Dela1960.jpg (52302 bytes) Dela Steinkuehler in 1960 (left) and 1975 (right).  Wasn't she also a beautiful lady? Dela1975.jpg (42887 bytes)

GladysGKids1989.jpg (87100 bytes) Gladys Steinkuehler with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren in 1989.  From left, Miram (Steinkuehler) Butler holding her son, Christopher; Lydia Steinkuehler (now Boudreaux) holding Miriam's daughter Alicia; Jeff Coward holding Lauren Steinkuehler (Dale's daughter); Gladys; Andrew Steinkuehler (Dale's son); and John Steinkuehler.

Four generations of Steinkuehlers.  From left, Charley, Melvin, Dwain, and John.  Photo was taken in the summer of 1961. CharlieMelvinDwainJohn1961.jpg (36466 bytes)

MelvinFamily1953.jpg (37741 bytes) The Melvin Steinkuehler family in 1953.  Left to right:  Pearl and Dwain, Wayne, Gladys, Melvin, Dale, and Lynda.


DwainPearl1952.jpg (15146 bytes)

DwainFamily63.jpg (16403 bytes)

Pearl Jackson and Dwain Steinkuehler before their marriage in 1953.

Dwain and Pearl Steinkuehler with their family in the early 60s.

MiriamRon0684.jpg (32847 bytes)

LindaJackCowardFam85.jpg (75922 bytes)

Miriam (Steinkuehler) and Ron Butler in June, 1984

Linda (Steinkuehler) and Jack Coward, Jeffery, and Kara.

WayneMelvinDaleDwain1951.jpg (62875 bytes) Melvin Steinkuehler and his sons about 1954.  Left to right:  Wayne, Melvin, Dale, Dwain.

Mildred, Melvin, and Dela Steinkuehler, the three oldest children of Charley and Lena Steinkuehler, probably taken in the late 1920s or early 1930s. MildMelvDela.jpg (28602 bytes)

MargieBaby.jpg (28611 bytes)

Several of our photogenic babies of a "few" years ago.
At left is Margie Adell (Bredehoeft) Bauer.  At right is Max Tomlinson.

MaxTBaby.jpg (42928 bytes)
RubyDeanBaby.jpg (72991 bytes)

At left is Ruby Dean (Bredehoeft) Frerking;
at right is L. L. (Dick) Bredehoeft.

DickBaby.jpg (58568 bytes)
Harvie.jpg (49541 bytes) At left is Harv Steinkuehler.  

ClarAlb1942.JPG (97502 bytes)

ClarAlbCar1942.jpg (100974 bytes)

ClarCar.jpg (153643 bytes)

Clarence and Alberta in 1942.

Clarence and Alberta with Clarence's car.

Clarence was indeed proud of his car!

Leonard and Normadine Bredehoeft with their great-grandchildren Kelsey and Caden Pauling.  Kelsey and Caden are children of Malissa Bredehoeft Pauling, grandchildren of Fred Bredehoeft, great-grandchildren of  Leonard
Bredehoeft, great-great grandchildren of Louis Bredehoeft and great-great-great grandchildren of Jacob and Margaretha.
LeonardNormadineKelseyCaden.jpg (57721 bytes)


Photo was taken in August, 2000.

ElmerNarvin.jpg (74355 bytes) Elmer (standing) and Narvin Bredehoeft, sons of Leo and grandsons of Jacob and Margaretha.  Photo was probably taken about 1916.

VerBur102600.jpg (51987 bytes)(Click on the picture to see full-size.) Vernal (Steinkuehler) and the late Burnell Focks of Guymon OK pose in front of their fireplace.  

Sisters Jane Schroer, Joyce Kuhl, and Ruby Dean Frerking gather around their cousin, Mildred Lee, at the Good Samaritan Nursing Center in Hobart OK on October 27, 2000

MildredAndCousins102700.jpg (61207 bytes)(Click on the picture for full-size.)



GmaBred.jpg (27889 bytes)Click on the photo for larger size.

Margaretha Bredehoeft.  Photo was probably taken in the late 1930s or early 1940s.  Does anyone know more specifically when it was taken?  And where?

Margaretha and Jacob.  Photo was probably taken about 1915.  Does anyone know any more history or a more specific date?

GpaGmaBred.jpg (35765 bytes)Click on the photo for larger size.

HuldaNora.jpg (24923 bytes)Click on the photo for a larger size. We believe this is Hulda and Nora, daughters of Jacob and Margaretha, probably about 1907-1908.  Quite proper little German girls!  

Hulda and Nora in later years.

HuldaNora2.jpg (14945 bytes)

BuckHuldaBillie.jpg (29389 bytes) Buck, Billie, and Hulda Wallace, about 1953.  Probably the last picture taken of the three of them together.

Hulda1920.jpg (27005 bytes) On the left is Hulda in Kansas City in the 1920s.  On the right are Hulda and Billie. HuldaBillie.jpg (58870 bytes)


Wasn't Hulda a ravishing beauty in 1915?  I wonder if Jacob and Margaretha approved of all the young men who must have been at their doorstep waiting for her.

Hulda1915.jpg (12065 bytes)


What a crew of cousins!  This photo was taken at the farm of Ted and Clara Bredehoeft in 1943 or 1944 when Vernal Steinkuehler visited in Missouri for the weekend.  Back row, left to right, are:  Vernal Steinkuehler (later Focks), Lavona Schroeder (later Dittmer), Merlin Wienberg, and Elberta Schroeder (later Lorenz).  Front row, left to right, are:  Ruby Dean Bredehoeft (later Frerking), Margie Bredehoeft (later Bauer), Irene Bredehoeft (later Dittmer), and Betty Wienberg.


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