Jacob and Margaretha Bredehoeft

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God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

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Hosted by members of the Tribe of Nora, the Bi-Annual Bredehoeft Family Reunion was held August 4, 2007, at the Tri-City Country Club in Emma, Missouri.  Approximately 70 descendants of Jacob and Margaretha Bredehoeft enjoyed the day.  Click here for a slide show of pictures from the day.  Please be patient -- the file is quite large and may take a little while to download.  You may want to save it to your desktop for more convenient viewing later.


Tim & Karen Bauer (Tribe of Harry)
Beverly & Doug Baumann (Tribe of Paul)
Sven and Elena Berger (Tribe of Paul)
Alberta Bredehoeft (Tribe of Paul)
Betty Bredehoeft (Tribe of Ralph)
Connie Bredehoeft (Tribe of Paul)
Fred & Chris Bredehoeft (Tribe of Louis)
Gene Bredehoeft (Tribe of Louis)
Harvey & Ruth Bredehoeft (Tribe of Louis)
Neal, Kathy, and Lacey Bredehoeft (Tribe of Louis)
Omar and Gracie Bredehoeft (Tribe of Ralph)
Wilmer Bredehoeft (Tribe of Ralph)
Woody, Gloria, Eric & Kimberly Bredehoeft  (Tribe of Paul)
Bill and Mary Ann Burkhalter (Tribe of Louis)
Cheryl Cason (Tribe of Lena)
Janette & Bob Copeland (Tribe of Paul)
Helen Clause & Thad (Tribe of Paul)
Maurice & Ruth Deatherage (Tribe of Ralph)
Lavona Dittmer (Tribe of Nora)
Sharon Dittmer (Tribe of Nora)
Mark, Angela, Mackenzie, and Kole Ficken  (Tribe of Nora)
Gary and Barb Flandermeyer (Tribe of Louis)
Ruby Dean Frerking (Tribe of Harry)
Brittany Heiser (Tribe of Lena)
Lorie and Brooks Kreisel (Tribe of Louis)
Joyce Kuhl (Tribe of Harry)
Doug and Goldie Lorenz (Tribe of Nora)
Elberta Lorenz (Tribe of Nora)
Greg Lorenz (Tribe of Nora)
Rodney Lorenz (Tribe of Nora)
Clarice Malan (Tribe of Ted)
Guy, Linda, Matt, Alli, and Samantha Meador (Tribe of Paul)
Roland Schroeder (Tribe of Nora)
Jane Schroer (Tribe of Harry)
Jason, Martha, Tyler, and Tanner Swearingin (Tribe of Nora)





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