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God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

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Thanks to Janette Walkling and other members of the Tribe of Paul, the Bredehoeft 2005 Reunion on July 23, 2005, was a success.  The festivities at the Tri-City Country Club in Emma MO included a silent auction, golfing, swimming, delicious food, picture sharing and taking, and lots of family chatter and laughter.  Click here to see who attended. 


Pictures of the 2005 reunion are now available in several different ways. 

Click here or on the picture of the reunion cake above to view and download a PowerPoint slide show.  If you don't have PowerPoint software installed on your computer, you may download a free Microsoft PowerPoint viewer from the Microsoft web site.  Simply follow the download instructions on the screen.  The PowerPoint slide show is a fairly large file and may take a few minutes (or more) even on a high-speed connection to download; thus, I'd recommend saving it to your computer for easier and faster viewing later.  Once you've opened the PowerPoint slide show, you may need to right-click anyplace on the screen and select the "full-screen" option.  If you'll then move the mouse over the lower left corner of the screen, you'll see forward and back arrows to navigate through the show.  The slide show is accompanied by music; unfortunately, the music doesn't download reliably with all computers.  You may click on the sound icon on the first page to see if it has downloaded to your computer.

-- or --

Click here to view the pictures through my KodakGallery photo album.  You may be required to sign up for a new account if you don't have one -- it's free!  You may order prints or save any of those pictures to your computer's hard drive by right-clicking on a picture and selecting "file, save as" and save it to the folder of your choice.

Following are a few samples of the pictures in the slide show.  You may click on any of these for a larger size.



Angela Bredehoeft, daughter of Woody, granddaughter of Lambert, great-granddaughter of Paul, and great-great-granddaughter of Jacob and Margaretha, was in Germany last year and visited the villages of Meinstedt, Heeslingen, Selsingen, Haassel and the farm at Bohnste and captured the day on video. It includes the Bredehoeft farm in Meinstedt (now owned by the Behnken family and shown below), the church in Heeslingen, and other places.  She sold an edited version with subtitles at the reunion for $8.00 to help cover her expenses.  This is a very interesting DVD...if you didn't get one at the reunion, you might contact her (AngelaBredehoeft04@fulbrightweb.org) to see if she still has some available.

You may click on the photo for a larger size.


Jane Schroer had prepared and displayed a large number of family tree charts in the silent auction room and those were available for purchase through the silent auction.  A few remain and are still available for sale.  They are:

Johann Bredehoeft Family
Wienberg Family
Christoph Bredehoeft Family
Heinrich Bredehoeft Family (4 charts)
Tribe of George
Tribe of Paul (2 charts)
Tribe of Harry
Tribe of Nora
Tribe of Hulda
Tribe of Alvin
Tribe of Leo
Tribe of Adolph
Tribe of Lena (2 charts)
The cost of these charts is $6.50 for mailing (mailing tube and postal costs) plus whatever you'd like to donate to the Bredehoeft family treasury to help offset costs of the next reunion.  You may mail a check to Jane Schroer, 402 West Olive, Raymore MO 64083-9223 and let her know which charts you'd like to purchase.  She'll subtract her mailing cost and forward the rest to Gary Flandermeyer, the Bredehoeft Family Treasurer.  If you live in or visit the Concordia area, she'll deliver the charts to our other sister, Ruby Dean Frerking, in Concordia and you may pick them up from her and save the mailing costs.  If you live in the Kansas City area, you may pick the charts up from Jane and save the mailing costs.  If you have any questions about these, you may contact Jane at jsraymore@aol.com or call her at 816-322-0122. 


Bev Baumann had also made some very nice patchwork blocks containing various old family pictures for the silent auction.  One of those, with a picture of Leo's sons, Elmer and Narvin as small children, also remains for sale.  I have it here in Lubbock TX and will also make it available for mailing costs plus whatever you'd like to donate to the family treasury.  If you'd like to purchase it, you may send your donation to Joyce Kuhl, 5414 17th St, Lubbock TX 79416-5508 and I'll deduct the mailing cost and forward the balance to Gary Flandermeyer. 


The 2007 Bredehoeft Family Reunion will be organized by Sharon Dittmer and members of the Tribe of Nora -- I'm already looking forward to it!

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