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God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

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RalphLaura.jpg (61208 bytes)

Ralph married Laura Bokelman on May 26, 1929, and they became the parents of Albert (Apr 8, 1930 - Jun 10, 1995), Harold (Feb 12, 1932 - Aug 5, 1994), Robert (Jan 5, 1934 - Jul 21, 1935), Ruth Deatherage, Wilmer, Lila Alpers, Omar, and Betty Hurd.

In the recent photo of members of Ralph and Laura's family are, l to r:  Gracie and Omar Bredehoeft, Wilmer Bredehoeft, Betty Bredehoeft, Harry and Lila Alpers, Maurice Deatherage, Betty Hurd, Ruth Deatherage, Richard Hurd, and Etheleen Bredehoeft.


AlbertBetty.jpg (38390 bytes)  Albert married Betty Tebbenkamp and they became the parents of Sharon (Sep 13, 1955 - Sep 13, 1955), Earl (Aug 27, 1956 - Aug 27, 1956), Gerald (Aug 27, 1958 - Aug 27, 1958), Terry, Rose (Aug 21, 1960 - Aug 21, 1960), Sandra, and Beverly.  Both Albert and Betty are deceased.  Click here to see Albert and Betty's family. 
Harold married Etheleen Flandermeyer and they became the parents of Steven and Kevin.  Both Harold and Etheleen are deceased.
  Ruth, Concordia MO, is married to Maurice Deatherage.  She is the mother of Patricia Meyer, Michael (Feb 7, 1957 - Dec 11, 1976), Donna Caton, Dennis (Mar 28, 1961 - Oct 8, 1984), John, and Alan.  The photo at right is Ruth's whole family taken in early 2009.  You may click on the photo for a larger size. 
Photo not available. Robert died at 18 months in a drowning accident.
Wilmer lives in Concordia MO.
Lila married Harry Alpers and they became the parents of Deborah, Susan, and Lisa.  They live in Concordia MO.  Click here for information about Lila's paintings.  
Omar married Gracie Hall, and they live in Concordia MO.
Betty married Richard Hurd, and they are the parents of Angela and Jefferey.  They live in Higginsville MO.  Jeff lives in Holcomb KS.


   Terry and Martha (Fink) Bredehoeft, Lenexa KS, are the parents of Shelby and John. 


Sandy (Bredehoeft) and Bill Blankenship, Concordia MO, are the parents of Melissa, Bill (Oct 23, 1988 - Nov 16, 1990), Laura, and Emily. 


  Beverly (Bredehoeft) Prentzler, Concordia MO, is the mother of Caleb. 


Steve and Tina (Griggs) Bredehoeft, Concordia MO, are the parents of Nichole (Nikki), Melinda (Mindy), and Joshua.     
Nicole and Kevin Maxwell, Concordia MO, are the parents of Ariana and Logan, and Nikki is also the mother of Celeste (see the photo of Nikki, Celeste, and Logan at far right).  Kevin is the father of Mikayla.  Nichole and Logan are shown at left.  The whole family (along with Kevin's Mother) is shown at right. 

Melinda (Mindy) is married to Joe Chenoweth and is the mother of Landon Edward Collins and Aliya Paige Werneke.  In the picture at right, they are joined by Joe's daughters, Leigha Dawn and Cassie.  They live in Kansas City MO.


Joshua is married to the former Angela Hursman, and they are the parents of Joseph Harold (Joey) (shown at right); they live in Concordia MO.



  Kevin and Laurie (Ownby) Bredehoeft, Concordia MO, are the parents of Kayla.  Kayla is married to Glen McWilliams, and they live in Odessa. 


  Patricia (Deatherage) and Dennis Meyer, Emma MO, are the parents of Kimberly and Kelly.  Kimberly is married to Kevin Klocke; they live in Buda, Texas, and are the parents of Gavin and William.  Their picture is at right.  Kelly lives in Lee's Summit MO, and her picture is at far right.         


DonnaMeyer.jpg (36029 bytes) Donna (Deatherage) is married to Cliff Caton, and they live in Napoleon MO.  Donna is the mother of Shawn Meyer; Shawn is the father of Hayden.  Shawn and Mandi Ketcham were married October 9, 2010, in Kansas City MO.  Shawn and Mandi are shown at top right; the photo at bottom left includes Hayden.    


Dennis Scott Deatherage (Mar 28, 1961 - Oct 8, 1984) married Donna Lange on June 23, 1979 and they became the parents of Michael James and Crystal Lynn.  Donna now lives in Concordia MO.    
  Michael married Nicole Bliss on July 1, 2005, and they are the parents of Xavier (also pictured at right), Axl Scott, and Lexie Pearl.  They live at Pittsburg KS.


Photo not available Crystal and Michael McKinley are the parents of Tyler Nelson and Gabrielle Lynn; they live in Fountain CO.


   Alan (William Alan), left, and Nancy (Kuecker) Deatherage are the parents of Tad and Hali.  They live in Concordia MO.


Deborah (Alpers) is married to Edwin Aponte, and she is the mother of Daniel (August 29, 1983 - April 24, 2007), Joseph, and Jason Bales and Theresa Aponte.  They live in Concordia MO.  Joseph is married to the former Gissela Soto; they are the parents of William Navarro;  and they live in Warrensburg MO.  Jason is married to the former Beckie Wise and they live in Warrensburg.   Teri is the mother of Gabriel Michael, and is also shown at far right.    


Susan (Alpers) (November 20, 1964 - December 6, 2013) and Randy Hinck, Concordia MO, became the parents of Zachary, Natalia, Chelsea, and Tiffany. 
  Zachary is the father of Nikolas and they live in Concordia MO.
    Natalia and Robert Michaels live in Concordia MO.  They are the parents of Cameron, Aleyna, and Nathan.
  Chelsea is the mother of Zander Ray Warren.  They live in Concordia MO.
  Tiffany and Brad Watring are the parents of Aria and they live in Concordia MO.


Lisa (Alpers) is married to Noel Galloway, and she is the mother of Jacob and Jessica Borgstadt and Andrew Galloway.  Jacob is married to the former Samantha Medford and they live in Concordia MO while Jacob is serving our country overseas.  They are the parents of Hallie.  Jessica lives in Spearfish SD and is the mother of Christian Lee.     


Angela (Hurd) is married to Glenn Shockley, and she is the mother of Robyn, Melanie, and Ashley Lamb and William Shockley.  They live in Higginsville MO.  Left to right, top to bottom, are Robyn, Melanie, Ashley, and William.  




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