Jacob and Margaretha Bredehoeft

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God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

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Janette Walkling and her mother, Alberta Bredehoeft,  correctly guessed all but one of these pictures and received their prize at Feier Familie Bredehoeft, 2001! 

PhotoConNew1.jpg (53540 bytes) The mother (Clarice Malan) is a granddaughter of Jacob and Margaretha.  Shown with her are her late husband, Bill, and sons Daniel and Dale!

The two on the outsides are brothers and great-grandsons of Jacob and Margaretha.  From left to right, they are Gary Flandermeyer, an unidentified person, Clarence Flandermeyer, and Merle Flandermeyer.

PhotoConNew2.jpg (31103 bytes)
PhotoConNew3.jpg (77230 bytes) The child is a granddaughter of Jacob and Margaretha.  The lady is, of course, Grandma Margaretha with Jane Schroer (approximately 4 years old at the time).

The man is a son of Jacob and Margaretha.  These people are Paul and Edna Bredehoeft.

PhotoConNew4.jpg (44936 bytes)
PhotoConNew5.jpg (29112 bytes) This grandson was attending Alma High School in 1951 when this photo was taken.  Roger Schroeder was his name.


The newest prize-winner in our photo contest is Janette Walkling, daughter of Clarence Bredehoeft, Tribe of Paul!  The identities are now included with the pictures.  Janette received her prize at Feier Familie Bredehoeft, 2001!
PhotoCon1.jpg (34738 bytes) Edwin Bredehoeft, grandson of Jacob and Margaretha, and his wife Bernadine, son, Tom, and daughter, Gloria.  

The young girl in this picture is, Kayla Bredehoeft, a great-great granddaughter of Jacob and Margaretha, along with her parents Kevin and Laurie.

PhotoCon2.jpg (30074 bytes)
PhotoCon3.jpg (36215 bytes) Jimmy (Bink) and Lorrie Stanley.  Bink is a great-grandson of Jacob and Margaretha.

Brian, Tenecia, Kayle, and Kelcie Clause.  Brian is a great-great grandson of Jacob and Margaretha.

PhotoCon4.jpg (43196 bytes)

PhotoCon5.jpg (49720 bytes)

Richard and Darlene Wale.  Darlene is a great-granddaughter of Jacob and Margaretha.

This descendant who won't be coming to Feier Familie Bredehoeft 2001 is none other than George Bredehoeft.

PhotoCon6.jpg (31089 bytes)
PhotoCon7.jpg (26484 bytes) Left to right, Harry and Ted Bredehoeft, Nora Schroeder, Ralph Bredehoeft, and Paul Bredehoeft.  The photo was quite likely taken at Harry and Dora's 45th wedding anniversary celebration in 1970.



And the winners are:  George and Lavona Dittmer, Roland Schroeder, and Diane Chrisman, all of the Tribe of Nora!  The identities are now included with the pictures.  George, Lavona, Roland, and Diane received their prize at
Feier Familie Bredehoeft, 2001!


MargNorm.jpg (543787 bytes)

Norman and Margie Bauer.  Margie is a granddaughter of Jacob and Margaretha.

Lavona Dittmer and Irene Dittmer (cousins, NOT sisters).   Both ladies are granddaughters of Jacob and Margaretha.

Guymon01.jpg (46489 bytes)
Guymon02.jpg (37929 bytes) Left to right, Vernal Focks, Mildred Lee, and Dela Tomlinson.  All three are granddaughters of Jacob and Margaretha.

Elberta Lorenz and Ruby Dean Frerking.   Both are granddaughters of Jacob and Margaretha.

Guymon03.jpg (34499 bytes)




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