Jacob and Margaretha Bredehoeft

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God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

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PaulEdna.jpg (69518 bytes)

Paul Bredehoeft (1891 - 1978) and Edna Wagner, married
February 14, 1915, at Blackburn MO,
were the parents of four children.


PaulEdnaKids1926.jpg (132492 bytes)

PaulEdnaBoys.jpg (46734 bytes)

Paul, Edna, Lambert, Lorenz, Clarence, and Edward, probably in 1926.  No wonder Paul and Edna stayed so slim with four boys aged 9 and under!

Lambert, Edna, and Paul (seated); Clarence, Edward, and Lorenz (back row). 


LambertMildred.jpg (48342 bytes) Lambert (1916 - 1998) and Mildred (Koth) Bredehoeft (1921 - 1978) were the parents of Melvern (1944 - 2005), Beverly Baumann, and Elwood (Woody).  Click here to see Lambert's family.  
LorenzBred1940s.JPG (44315 bytes) Lorenz Bredehoeft (1918 - 1989).  This photo was probably taken in the early 1940s while he was serving in World War II.
ClarenceAlbertaWdg.jpg (45841 bytes) Clarence (1921 - 2000) and Alberta (Reith) Bredehoeft were the parents of Douglas (1946 - 1995), Janette Copeland, Allen, Bonnie Atwood (1954 - 2007), Connie, Ronald, Teresa, and Shirlyn.  Alberta lives in Alma MO.  Click here to see Clarence's family. 
EdNolaWed.jpg (60418 bytes) Edward (1925 - 1999) and Nola (Schmidt) Bredehoeft (1928 - 2006) were the parents of Carol Sulack, Keith, and Steven.  Click here to see a family photo.  Click here to see Keith's family (Keith, Janet, Maria, Jennifer, and Jason).  See a current picture of Ed and Nola's  descendants below.  At right is a current picture of Keith, Janet, and Jason on Jason's selection to the National Honor Society.  Also at right are pictures of Maria, Joe and Lincoln Holdenried and of Jennifer and Dave Ferreira.  Marie and Joe reside in Kansas City MO.  Jennifer and Dave Ferreira live in Manhattan KS.



This photo of the descendants of Ed and Nola Bredehoeft was taken May 29, 2006 at Higginsville MO.  From left to right, they are:  Janet, Jason, Maria, Jennifer, and Keith Bredehoeft; Steve Bredehoeft (his wife Monica and children, Hannah and Benjamin, weren't able to be present); and Carol, Nathaniel, Kimberly, and Jeff Sulack.


Five generations in the Tribe of Paul were present at the Bredehoeft Family Reunion on August 3, 2013:  Back row are Helen and Johlina Clause; seated are Janette Copeland, Reghan Widner, and Alberta Bredehoeft.  Also celebrated that day was Alberta's 90th birthday!


PaulEdnaFamily.jpg (52849 bytes)

Paul and Edna with their sons and daughters-in-law.  Photo was probably taken in the 1950s or early 1960s.


Of special interest in Paul and Edna's family is that all four of their sons served in the US Army in World War II:

LambertUniform.jpg (50261 bytes)

LorenzBred1940s.JPG (44315 bytes)

ClarenceUniform.jpg (35859 bytes)

EdwardUniform1.jpg (38906 bytes)







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