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God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

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Nora (Feb 16, 1899 - Apr 5, 1974) married Ralph Schroeder, and they became the parents of Lavona, Elberta, Roland, and Roger (Nov 11, 1936 - May 31, 1960)


Lavona married George Dittmer, and they became the parents of Terry, Sharon, and Diane.  Lavona lives in Blue Springs MO.  The photo at left was taken at their 60th wedding anniversary celebration on June 18, 2006.  Click here to see more of their family pictures.
Elberta married Roy (Bud) Lorenz, and they became the parents of Rodney, Douglas, and Gregory.  Elberta was widowed in 2001 and now lives near Corder MO.  Click here for more pictures of her whole family.
Roland married Frieda Luening.  He was widowed in 1985 and now lives in Sun City AZ.
Roger.jpg (29112 bytes) Roger (Nov 22, 1936 - May 31, 1960) died in a drowning accident while fishing.

June 18, 2006

First generation, left to right, Lavona Dittmer, Elberta Lorenz, George Dittmer, and Roland Schroeder.
First and second generation member's of Nora's Tribe attended Lavona and George's 60th Wedding Anniversary celebration, June 18, 2006.  Back row:  Goldie Lorenz, Doug Lorenz, Rodney Lorenz, Greg Lorenz, and Roland Schroeder.  Middle row:  Diane Chrisman, Elberta Lorenz, Sharon Dittmer, Cherie Dittmer, Terry Dittmer.  Front row:  Lavona and George Dittmer.
  More pictures of the later generations are shown below with Lavona's family and Elberta's family groupings.



All members of Lavona and George's family except one granddaughter, Abby Dittmer, attended their 60th wedding anniversary celebration.  In the photo at left, back row:  Sharon Dittmer, Erin Dempsey, Anna Donze, Mark Chrisman, Matt Chrisman, Will Dempsey, Megan Chrisman, Diane Chrisman, Terry Dittmer, Michelle Chrisman, Jon Dittmer, Cherie Dittmer, Emily McCullough.  Front row is Kevin Danze holding Owen Danze, Lavona Dittmer holding Ellen Dempsey, and George Dittmer.
Lavona and George are surrounded by their grandchildren and great-grandchildren:  Left to right, Erin Dempsey, Anna Donze holding Owen Donze, Mark Chrisman, Matt Chrisman, Megan Chrisman, Michelle Chrisman, Jon Dittmer, and Emily McCullough.  Seated are Lavona, holding Ellen Dempsey, and George Dittmer.
Lavona's whole family attended Diane and Ray's wedding, November 28, 2009.
Sharon Dittmer lives at Lake Waukomis MO.  In the bottom photo, Lavona is shown with her daughters Sharon and Diane. 
Lavona and George entertained their great-grandchildren, Erin Dempsey and Owen Danze.


This photo of Elberta and her whole family was taken June 26, 2006, at her 80th birthday celebration in Corder MO.   Back row, from left to right, are Greg Lorenz, Angie and Mark Ficken, Goldie and Doug Lorenz, Martha and Jason Swearingin, and Rodney Lorenz and his friend.  Front row is Cole and Mackenzie Ficken, Elberta, and Tyler and Tanner Swearingin.  Angie and Martha are daughters of Doug and Goldie Lorenz. 
Elberta posed with her sons and her daughter-in-law.  From left to right, Greg, Rodney, Elberta, Goldie, and Doug.
Doug's family also posed.  Back row:  Mark and Angie Ficken, Goldie and Doug Lorenz, and Martha and Jason Swearingin.  Front row:  Mackenzie and Cole Ficken and Tanner and Tyler Swearingin.  Martha and her family are shown at right.




Terry and Cheryl (Pless) Dittmer, St. Louis MO, are the parents of Emily, Anna, Erin, Abigail, and Jonathan.  Emily lives in St. Louis MO; Anna and Kevin Donze, St. Louis MO, are the parents of Owen Andrew and Aila Grace.  Erin Dempsey, St. Louis MO, is the mother of Ellen Reese and Lucy Love Louise.  Abby and Matt Miller live in Chicago IL.  Jon lives in Richmond Heights MO, and he is the father of Harlow Lily.  See more pictures of their family members with Lavona's Family above.  In the photo at right are Anna, Abby, Jon, Erin, and Emily.

Emily Dittmer lives in St. Louis MO
Anna and Kevin Donze, St. Louis MO, are the parents of Owen and Aila. 
Erin Dempsey is the mother of Ellen and Lucy.
Abby Dittmer and Matt Miller were married June 5, 2010 and live in Chicago IL. 
Jon Dittmer lives in Richmond Heights MO with his special friend, Molly Hitzeman, and they are the parents of Harlow Lily.


Diane (formerly Dittmer/Chrisman) is married to Rev. Dr. Ray Schiefelbein and they live in  Blue Springs MO.  In the photo at far left Diane is surrounded by her whole family.  Left to right:  Matt Chrisman, Jon and Megan Kenyon, Michelle Chrisman, Rachel (formerly Farha) and Mark Chrisman, and Diane and Ray Schiefelbein.   Megan and Jon Kenyon live in the Kansas City MO area.  They are shown at top right.  Mark and Rachel live in Kansas City MO and are shown in the bottom left photo.  Matt lives in Lubbock TX and is shown in the bottom right photo.



  Doug and Goldie (Johnson) Lorenz, Corder MO, are the parents of Angela and Martha.  At left, they are shown with their grandchildren at Christmas, 2010.  In the top photo at right are Mark and Angie Ficken with their children Mackenzie and Cole.  In the bottom photo at right are Martha and Jason Swearingen with their sons Tyler and Tanner.  


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