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Merle's Family
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Merle (1928 - 1995) and Becky Bredehoeft (now Stanchfield), Lake Leelanau, Michigan, are the parents of four children:  Sandy Potts, Mike and Jeff Bredehoeft, and Deb Radjenovich.

Most members of Becky's family gathered with her and husband, Norm Stanchfield, for a family reunion in August 2009.  The little people are, from left to right, Phoenix being held by her Mother, Taylor Triplett, Maddox Wise standing in front of Grandfather Mike, Quinn Brady seated on her Great-Grandmother Becky's lap, Aiden Brady and Rowan Brady with their Grandmother Sandy Potts.  Becky and Norm are seated in the middle.  Those standing, left to right, are Taylor Triplett, Mike Bredehoeft, Ryan Paulton, Teah Bredehoeft, Cheryl Bredehoeft, Jenny Peschel, Mike Bredehoeft, Deb Radjenovich, Tony Radjenovich, Sandy Potts, and Shalyn Brady.  (Special thanks go to Mike for sharing this picture!)

Sandy and Roger Thomas were married May 18, 2012 at Lake Leelanau MI.  Sandy is the mother of Matt Peschel, Shalyn Brady, and Jennifer Grant.
Jenny, Matt, and Shalyn are shown at right.  


Mike,  is the father of Teah and Taylor.  They also have a daughter, Tara.  Taylor is married to
Stephen Triplett and they are the parents of Zooey; Taylor is also the mother of Maddox and Phoenix.  Taylor and Stephen and their family live at Fort Hood TX.
A more current picture of Mike is included.  At right are Teah, Tara, and Taylor as they gathered for Teah's graduation recently. 

Jeff and Cheryl Bredehoeft, Fountain Hills AZ.  At right is their whole family -- from left to right, friend of Zack Stahlecker, Zack, Jeff and Cheryl Bredehoeft, and Talia Stahlecker.

  Tony and Deb Radjenovich, Lake Leelanau MI.  They are shown with Deb's sons, Ryan and Justin Paulton.  Ryan lives in Leland MI; Justin and Anne (formerly Muehleise) are the parents of Nolan and live in Kalamazoo MI. 



Matt and Sarah Peschel are the parents of Beau Reb and live in Lake Leelanau MI.

Shalyn Brady and then the rest of her family (Pat, Aiden, Rowan, Quinn, and Olivia) are shown in the pictures.  They live in Ann Arbor MI

Jenny and Rory Grant live in New Hampshire.




Tara Chabot lives in Glen Ellen CA

Stephen and Taylor Triplett, with their children Maddox, Phoenix, and Zooey live at Fort Hood TX. 

Teah is the mother of Talia Jade and lives in Stillwater OK.


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