Jacob and Margaretha Bredehoeft

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God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

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Louis and Clara (Driver) Bredehoeft were married March 18, 1906, at Emma MO, and became the parents of six children:  Edwin (Feb 5, 1908 - Aug 16, 1993), Edna (Jun 1, 1911 - Apr 12, 1995), Leona (May 25, 1916 - Nov 16 2005), Leonard (Jan 29, 1920 - Jun 12, 2006), Harvey (Jan 9, 1923 - Nov 17, 2011), and Marvin (Feb 13, 1928 - Aug 2, 1952).


EdBernTomGloria.jpg (34738 bytes) Edwin and Bernadine (Wojahn) Bredehoeft (Nov 11, 1921 - Nov 27, 2009) were married Feb 1, 1942, and became the parents of Thomas and Gloria.  Click here for more about Edwin's family.
Edna married Clarence Flandermeyer Feb 6, 1940, and they became the parents of Merle, (May 21, 1945 - March 4, 2010)  Gary, and Robert (Dec 14, 1941 - Dec 8, 1986).  The photo on the right is of Edna and Clarence as they vacationed in Pittsburgh in 1975.
HarveyLeona.jpg (46078 bytes) Leona and William Flandermeyer were married Mar 24, 1940 and became the parents of Mary Ann
Leonard and  Normadine (Wojahn) Bredehoeft, Ruthven IA, were married Feb 1, 1948, and became the parents of Frederick, Shirlene, Rosalie, Delray, Gaylene, John, Alan, Pamalee, Mark, Noreen, and Lou Ann.  Click here to see Leonard's family.

Harvey and Ruth (Lovercamp) Bredehoeft, Alma MO, were married Feb 19, 1950, and became the parents of Neal, Gene, and Clark.  In the photos below, the one on the left is a Christmas 2009 setting of Harvey and Ruth with all their grandchildren.   Second from left is Harvey and Ruth as they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in February, 2010!  Second from right is Harvey and Ruth with their three sons.  At right is Harvey and Ruth with all their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 


Marvin served in the US Army from 1950 until his death in Seattle WA in 1952.  The photo is compliments of The Concordian staff and is used with permission.


Bernadine lived near Emmetsburg IA until her death on November 27, 2009.  Gloria (far left in the picture) lives in Emmetsburg IA; Tom and Suzie live in Algona IA.


Merle (May 21, 1945 - March 4, 2010) and Linda (Paul) Flandermeyer, Longwood FL, are the parents of Liesl, who is also shown at right.  Liesl is a Veterinarian in Atlanta GA. 


  Gary and Barbara (Menaugh) Flandermeyer, Lee's Summit MO, are the parents of Sean and Lance.  Sean is married to Heather (Holmes).  They are the parents of Seth Andrew and Owen Thomas, and they live in Lee's Summit MO.  (see photos at right). 



Mary Ann and the late Bill Burkhalter, Columbia MO, are the parents of Leigh, Lynn, and Laura.  Leigh was married to Bruce Britt (he died on duty with the Columbia MO Fire Department on February 22, 2014); they are the parents of Stormy Ann, and Leigh lives in Columbia MO.  Lynn is married to Jason Hall; they are the parents of Avery and Chase; and they live in Paynesville MO.  Laura is married to Jeffy Shopper and they live in Kansas City MO.  Their photos are at right.



Neal and Kathy (Lueck) Bredehoeft, Alma MO, are the parents of Lorie and Lacey.  They are shown at left with grandsons Brooks and Tate Kreisel.  Lorie Kreisel is the mother of Brooks and Tate; they live in Alma MO, and are shown at right.  Lacey is married to Ross Fiene; they are the parents of Drake Reed, and live in Concordia MO.  Their picture is at far right.


At left is Neal with daughters, Lacey and Lorie.  At right are Kathy with Lacey and Kathy with Lorie.


Gene Bredehoeft, Concordia MO, is the father of Crystal and Aimee.  Crystal is married to Jared Keith Sheets, and they are the parents of Easton Gage and Creyton Lane, born Oct 22, 2010.  They live in Kansas City MO.  Aimee lives in Concordia MO.  In the photo at left are (l to r):  Gene, Aimee, Jared (holding Easton), and Crystal.  Aimee is shown at right; Jared, Crystal, Easton, and Creyton are shown at right.



Clark and Holly (Kramer) Bredehoeft, Alma MO, are the parents of Tyler, Jordan, and Sydney.  Jordan, Sydney, and Tyler are shown at right.  Jordan lives in Columbia MO; Tyler lives in Leavenworth KS.




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