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God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

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Karl (Charley) and Lena Steinkuehler were the parents of seven children:  Dela (1908 - 1993), Melvin (1911 - 1962), Mildred (1913 - 2006), Gilbert (1915 - 1991), Raymond (1917 - 1967), Ruthe (1920 - 1991),
and Vernal (1923 - 2003).

The following photos were all taken in 1985 when many family members gathered to celebrate Dela's birthday.  Vernal was so kind as to provide all the identifications.  If you'd like to see the relationships, please click on the first name of each descendant.

DelaFam1985.jpg (83812 bytes) Dela's family:  Back row (standing):  Devin Bridwell, Wilma Tomlinson, Wallace Bridwell, DeAnn Foreman and daughter Lindsey, Escal Pierce, Betty Tomlinson.  Seated:  Brenda Bridwell, Max Tomlinson, Bonnie Tomlinson, Austin Bridwell, Dela, Eileen Pierce, Percy Tomlinson.  On the floor:  Brandon and Clay Tomlinson, Marshall Bridwell, Ann Beloncik, Glenda and Chris Beloncik.  
MelvinFam1985.jpg (81712 bytes) Melvin's family:  Standing:  Penny, Dale and Andrew Steinkuehler.  Seated:  Pearl Steinkuehler, Gladys Steinkuehler, Wayne and Marilyn Steinkuehler.
MildredFam1985.jpg (84022 bytes) Mildred's family:  Richard and Darlene Wale, Elbert Lee, Ann Lee.  Seated:  Mike Lee, Linda Lee holding Annie,  Sharlene Wale, Mildred, Steve Wale, Cindy Schneider holding Abby, Steve Schneider holding April.  Jamie Lee is seated on the floor.  
GilbertFam1985.jpg (81233 bytes) Gilbert's family:  Standing:  Steve and Clydene Lewis, Harvie and Deanna Steinkuehler.  Seated:  Sherry and Shelia Lewis, Irene and Gilbert Steinkuehler, Jennifer and Christopher Steinkuehler
Photo not available. Raymond's family:  Raymond and Helen were both deceased when these pictures were being taken and unfortunately none of their children or grandchildren were able to attend.
RutheFam1985.jpg (73110 bytes) Ruthe's family:  Standing:  Kerri and George Apolzon.  Seated:  Kristin Neely, Jesse and Ruthe Smith, and Rochelle and Tiffany Apolzon.
VernalFam1985.jpg (62987 bytes) Vernal and Burnell Focks.


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