Jacob and Margaretha Bredehoeft

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God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

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from Ahlerstedt, district of Stade 

(Oldest known ancestor of the male lineage:
Hinrich Bredehövet, * Ahlerstedt …
1608, † ibid. June 25, 1670, Pflugkötner)

Blue; above a silver picket fence in the shape of a chevron, one of three
(2 over 1) gold roses surrounding a silver, half-timbered house with black timbers, a gold roof, gold door and gold corner posts.

 Atop the helmet wreathed in blue and silver with blue and silver mantling, two gable-end planks crossing diagonally with horse heads and golden manes.

First accepted on December 29, 2004 by the applicant, civil engineer Peter Bredehöft, in Ahrensmoor, district of Stade, for himself and for all the descendents of the male lineage of his forefather Hinrich Bredehövet (1608 – 1670), for as long and as far as they carry on the family name of founder of the coat of arms.

 Designed by Horst Scheffler of Bremen

 Registered on January 31, 2004 under no. 10892/05

Those are the technicalities of the Bredehoeft family crest which was presented to the American Bredehoeft descendants by Peter Bredehöft in April, 2008.  Peter has generously given authority to Bredehoeft descendants to print and use it.  A copy was enlarged, framed, and donated for the silent auction for the Bredehoeft 2009 reunion.  It did not sell that day and is being stored by Rodney Lorenz in Concordia.  See the Reunion 2009 page for details about the on-line auction. 


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